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The workflow of Regystrum

Regystrum manages the entire workflow of registering, storing and assigning /distributing any kind of document and file in your organization. Just the document management features that you need to add to the powerful editing capabilities of Google Drive and Google Docs.


Regystrum allows you to register any kind of file (document formats, electronic sheets, images, videos etc…). Registration consists of:

  • a progressive registration number, unique and not editable
  • a title/object and description
  • a classification according to totally customizable metadata.


Files are stored in the Google Drive of a unique user, that is selected during Regystrum’s installation. In that Drive account, Regystrum will create a dedicated "Regystrum" folder in which it will store all the registered files, putting them in order of year, month and registration number. A powerful search engine that can look for desired terms both in the fields used for the registration (title, description, custom metadata) and in the text of the registered documents, will always allow you to find in a second, what you are looking for.


Each registration can be distributed for knowledge or assigned for competence to single users and whole groups, the same ones created and managed in G Suite (former Google Apps), that Regystrum synchronizes with. Assignments are automatically notified via email. Also the “acceptance” of an assignment according to users competences is managed by Regystrum and integrated in Gmail and Calendar activities, like it is in any feedback.

A friendly and intuitive User Interface

No more hassle with the hostile environment of legacy applications used to register, store and assign your documents and files in your organization. Regystrum makes it friendly and pleasant the execution of those tasks.

Keep track of every operation

Every operation is tracked in Regystrum, both at a general level (log file) and in the “history” of each registration. Dates, users and operation types are tracked in detail and forever.

Simple access through SSO

The access to Regystrum is very simple: Regystrum uses the SSO, that is the same uthentication procedure, with the same data, which users log in to access Gmail and any other tool of G Suite.

Who is using Regystrum?

Regystrum is dedicated to all those organizations that have the need to register, store and distribute their documents and files efficiently. Therefore, from professional studios to big production and service companies,  wherever the cloud G Suite philosophy has been adopted, Regystrum can be very useful, integrating in the daily operational routine activities that, in the past, needed to be managed with specific and isolated tools.

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Pricing is proportional to the number of users you activate with Regystrum.


40 user/year


+ G Suite Basic

90 user/year
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