Abaco Cooperative

Abaco Cooperative

Sector: Professional studies, engineering, archaeology

Author: Dr. Donatella Carrafelli
Partner, archaeologist

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The organization

Abaco Società Cooperativa was founded in 2007 thanks to the union of a staff of professionals in various fields and sectors, to enhance and promote the cultural resources of the Marche region territory.

Abaco Società Cooperativa has always been a supplier of services for public bodies, universities and private individuals, in the most diverse sectors of cultural heritage: archaeological excavations, appraisals for courts, restorations, reconstructions, museums, publishing.

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Management needs

Since the beginning of its activity, Abaco has always had to manage a large number of documents and multimedia files: surveys, photographs and various documents have always represented inputs and outputs of its activities, with the consequent need to be able to identify and trace them with precision and speed, file in a secure manner, group them according to object, construction site, type of work, etc. As well as, make them always and easily available and accessible to their own people and to external interlocutors, whether they are public bodies or private clients.

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The reasons for the choice

Document management initially represented a sore point in the various activities of Abaco. Various archive management attempts have been made over the years, passing from stand-alone choices (archiving on own computer’s hard disk) to company server shared over a LAN, all unsatisfactory and exposed to problems and risks of data loss ( with associated backup and data custody charges). The Regystrum solution, which Abaco arrived at by chance through a web search, immediately presented the advantages and features Abaco was looking for for its archiving and indexing activities: multi-user access via browser, nothing to install, security and backups managed by Google’s cloud platform, cross-browser and cross-device operation. Even the initial setup, quick and simple, greatly influenced the reasons for the choice. Finally, the personalization of the metadata was the plus that allowed the implementation of an ad hoc taxonomy to classify documents and files in general in a way that was absolutely responsive to the specific needs of Abaco.

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The results

The adoption of Regystrum has brought remarkable results in two years: centralization of the archive, abandonment of legacy hybrid archiving solutions, complete management of the workflow of sharing documents with clients and professionals. Thousands of files archived with Regystrum, searchable and accessible in times of the order of a few seconds, a goal that was thought unattainable before the adoption of Regystrum. Difficult to estimate the savings but I can safely say that the costs related to document management activities have been greatly reduced.

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