Angels on motorcycles

Angels on motorcycles

Sector: Volunteering, Third Sector

Author: Ing. Floriano Caprio
Vice President of Angeli in Moto Onlus

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The association

Angeli in Moto, or Angels in Motorcycle, is a voluntary association that today has more than 900 volunteers in over 55 provinces of Italy.

It is responsible for distributing medicines, basic necessities and health aids at home, covering the entire national territory. The substantial presence on the territory allows the “Angels in motion” to respond to every request in a widespread and timely manner. All this on the basis of two very strong passions that unite its members: volunteering and the two wheels.

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Management needs

An organization so widespread throughout the territory has processes that are delocalized but at the same time controlled and approved centrally. Therefore, it is essential to use a system that allows you to manage, in a secure way: communications, documentation, certificates, service requests, meeting minutes, operational circulars. One of the most demanding processes for a volunteer organization like ours is certainly the management of applications for admission of volunteers together with the management of the related training certificates. The complexity is not only in archiving the contents in a secure way and according to the law but also in the need to be able to search for them quickly, giving them visibility by competence based on the province to which they belong.

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The reasons for the choice

After evaluating various document management, archive and indexing applications, Angeli in Moto’s choice was oriented towards Regystrum as it has native integration with Google Workspace (Gsuite) and exploits all the native potential of the platform itself both for archiving and for research. The fundamental aspect is the possibility of natively importing users from Google Workspace by assigning each one a different role based on the province to which they belong. Last, but not least, the specific economic model of Regystrum for no profit which makes it possible to adopt an enterprise-class solution also in the third sector.

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The results

Like all technological innovations, we naturally had to encourage everyone to adopt the tool. The initial training done by the Regystrum technicians and the 6 months of experimentation really made it possible to model the system on our needs.

Since the beginning of the year, over 900 processes relating to the introduction of new volunteers or their resignations have been managed by the system; 70 minutes were registered including those of the local sections and those of the national executive board; over 10 direct practices with the public administration have been registered, and all receipts for expenses incurred and receipts provided for donations received.

We have made the system a key point in our processes for both board approval processes and document archiving.

We also plan to complete the migration of all the management of volunteer certificates and the insurance activation process by the end of the year.

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