Seli General Maintenance

Seli General Maintenance

Sector: Building and Construction

Author: Riccardo Cucini
Production director

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The company

Seli is a company in the construction sector that has been operating for over fifty years. It has gradually extended its activity from finishing construction to construction and renovation works (both public and private), gaining prestige and a reputation as a solid and concrete company in the field, so much so that today it is counted among the most important construction companies in the province of Milan.

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Management needs

With over 100 million Euros in order backlog, Seli is constantly engaged on more orders, construction sites and projects. Each of them involves a copious series of documents to manage, including technical drawings, graphic drawings, forms, procedures and miscellaneous, which must be made readily available and consultable where needed, when needed and to whomever needed, even on the move, even in the office and even on site. And their availability must be selective: everyone must be able to access only what they need and to which they have been authorized to access. Plus the need to receive active assignment/sharing notifications.

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The reasons for the choice

Seli knew that a document management system capable of guaranteeing such capillarity and efficiency would have required a significant investment in terms of initial setup, archive space and user licenses. But Seli has already adopted Google Workspace (formerly G Suite), and in the wide ecosystem of applications integrated in the suite, Seli has found Regystrum, an application perfectly integrated into GW that allows you to reset costs and setup times as it automatically inherits the settings and the organizational structure (people, roles, groups, construction sites) that Seli has already set up in GW. Through the customizations of Regystrum Seli can also use the classification criteria of the documents that are congenial to it, also being able to divide them by job order, contact person, construction site, etc. Furthermore, access management and archive space are managed directly by Google, an absolute guarantee of security and reliability, essential values that inspire the entire management of the company. In addition, the people of Seli who will have to use the application, called to evaluate the user interfaces of various solutions, found the Regystrum interface extremely familiar and were immediately able to use it without having to ask or learn anything

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The results

In just two years since the adoption, Seli has managed several thousand documents with Regystrum, has registered, classified, sorted and assigned them for knowledge and competence, and has practically eliminated the security problems in document management, disorder and errors, gaps of information and data. The recent introduction of the widget that allows you to log files directly from the Gmail interface has made document management even simpler and more immediate.

Regystrum has now become an indispensable support for the company that allows us to pay the utmost attention to contractual requirements, facilitates punctual compliance with the rules, and contributes to the continuous improvement of the product/service offered.

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In order to execute the installation for the entire organization, you need to use a Google Workspace or G Suite administrator account.

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And after installing Regystrum, don’t forget to activate the widget Regystrum for GMail ™, which allows you to log and archive files directly from your Gmail inbox!