Here is a collection of questions we usually receive from users. We divided them into 3 areas: functions and architecture, economics, others.

Functions & Architecture

Where are files stored?

Files are stored on a Google Drive account, chosen by admin at setup. We recommend chosing a dedicated and “trusted” account, as this choice cannot be changed later on. Storing on a single Drive optimizes the use, and therefore minimizes the cost, of every Gb of space.

Which kind of files can be registered / stored / assigned with Regystrum?

Any kind

What is the maximum dimension of each file?

30 MB per each file

What is the maximum storage capacity?

Max storage capacity depends on Google Drive, therefore it can be gradually incremented as needed. If you use Google Apps Unlimited, storage capacity is virtually unlimited

What does it mean Regystrum is integrated in Google Apps?

It means a unique log-in procedure, setup and access also available through an icon which appears on the Google Apps interface, same interaction modes, same look & feel, notifications and assignments managed with Gmail and Calendar. It also means high usability and zero time to learn how to use Regystrum especially for those who already use Google Apps

Can I register doc.s and files under the same registration number in order to create a collection of items related to the same subject?

Yes, that can be done both at the initial registration and subsequently in “edit” mode (a detailed track record is kept of every operation)

What happens to my stored files if I decide to quit using Regystrum after a while?

All your files will always be accessible and downloadable thru Google Drive, where they are stored in good order following this collections path: Regystrum>year>month>registration number. In addition to that, Regystrum has a function which permits you to download in csv format all the data related to the registrations and the relevant history. Regystrum does not want to make you a “slave” of its use, but counts on its utility and benefits to make you follow using it


Is there a minimum number of users that I need to purcase?

Yes, the minimum is 2 users for a total of 120,00 euro + vat per year.


Can I use Regystrum with my Gmail free account?

No. Only Google Apps for Work, Google Apps Unlimited and Google Apps for Education provide the APIs (programming interfaces) to install and run Regystrum.

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