Google Workspace and Regystrum: An Integrated, Powerful, and Cost-effective Document Management System

The combination of Google Workspace and Regystrum constitutes a cloud-based document management system that is both user-friendly and highly reliable.

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The possibility to add a timestamp to a document by exploiting a blockchain

As the world is moving towards digitization, the use of paper documents is becoming less…

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The advantages of using a SaaS document management system (DMS) with cloud storage

The traditional on-premise software applications used for document management and storage have been prevalent in…

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In order to install Regystrum for the entire organization, you need to use a Google Workspace or G Suite administrator account. To install Regystrum for a single user, an ordinary user account can be used. For personal installations you can use your Gmail account.

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And after installing Regystrum, don’t forget to activate the widget Regystrum for GMail ™, which allows you to log and archive files directly from your Gmail inbox!