Plans & Pricing

Three different plans and the possibility of an ad hoc offer to best meet the needs of each company and organization.

  • Single
  • Team
  • Team Bundle
Regystrum Single

9/month(€ 108 + VAT per year)

1 User

Regystrum Team

19/month(€ 228 + VAT per year)

Includes 2 users, + €4 per month for each user beyond the second.

Regystrum Team Bundle

28/month(€ 336 + VAT per year)

Includes 2 users. + €7.50 per month for each user beyond the second.

Archiving, logging, classification and research

Sharing files with external user

Assignment and monitoring of tasks and deadlines related to archived files (workflow)

Multi-user access with centralized repository

Assistance with setup and customization

Google Workspace Business Starter license included

Important: it is not possible to upgrade / downgrade from one plan to another

Get a custom plan

if you want to activate more than 20 users, or you are a nonprofit organization, or you have special needs such as activating dedicated support plans or additional versions of Google Workspace, contact us for an ad hoc offering

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In order to install Regystrum for the entire organization, you need to use a Google Workspace or G Suite administrator account. To install Regystrum for a single user, an ordinary user account can be used. For personal installations you can use your Gmail account.

Install Regystrum

And after installing Regystrum, don’t forget to activate the widget Regystrum for GMail ™, which allows you to log and archive files directly from your Gmail inbox!